Paid in Capital NT$1,387,040,000
Awarded theThe 1st Gold Award 1st for Outstanding Initiatives in Labor Affairsby the Department of Labor Development, Ministry of Labor.
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,387,410,000
  • Awarded Excellent Labor-Management Relations Enterprise』 by the Science and Technology Industrial Park
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,188,070,000
  • 『ISO 45001:2018』 certified
  • Awarded the 『Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace –health promotion mark』 by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,171,820,000
  • Awarded the 『Public Welfare Contribution Award』 in the E.P.Z.A. of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Awarded the 『Intelligent Fully Automatic Precision Optical Glass Lens Bonding Key Technology and Component R&D Program Excellence Award』 by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Awarded the 『Industry Contribution Award』 of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Awarded the 『Silver Medal』 Award of the TTQS Employee Development Training Quality Management System by the Labor Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,175,540,000
  • 『IECQ QC 080000:2017』 certified
  • 『IATF 16949:2016』 certified
  • Awarded the 2018 Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau's 『Industrial Park Manufacturers Green Space and Maintenance』 Award
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,156,450,000
  • 『ISO 14001:2015』 certified
  • 『ISO 9001:2015』 certified
  • Awarded the 『Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace –health promotion mark』 by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare 
  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,066,130,000
  • The plastic molding of Chiayi Plant 3 started mass production
  • Introduced curved glass forming production line
  • Awarded the 『Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace –health initiate mark』 by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • Paid in Capital achieved NT$1,059,030,000
  • Expanded and completed the Injection-optics business of the Plant 2
  • Expanded and completed the mold processing of the tooling fabrication business
  • Expanded and completed the automatic lens assembly and business
  • The metal processing business of Plant 3 in Chiayi officially started mass production
  • Paid in Capital acheived NTD 1,060,000(in thousand)
  • Establish micro lens Research and development center
  • Established Optical Design Center(to strengthen and cordinate optical capability)
  • Awarded ISO14001
  • Established Mold Department
  • Focusing on mold design, development and production
  • Official MP start off of Chia-Yi Plant
  • Establish second R&D center(security device and CCTV product development)
  • T.E.P.Z Plant Two (Plastic Injection Business Unit) Established
  • Construction of Chiayi Dapumei Plant was completed in December
  • Actual Capital NT$1,000,000,000
  • Calin went public in November
  • Actual Capital NT$ 905,550,000
  • Taiwan TrainQuali System Silver Award
  • Emerging Stock Registered
  • TS16949 Certified
  • Actual Capital NT$ 896,420,000
  • Coating Business and Productio equipment Expansion
  • Effective Registration for Emergin Stock
  • The Employment Contribution Award 2010 in Taiwan by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Actual Capital NT$781,700,000
  • Painting Business Established, Expanding Production Facilities
  • Establish first R&D center(Digital Camera,Car Lens product development)

  • 『 IECQ080000』Certified
  • Actual Capital NT$675,000,000
  • Assembly Clean Room Installed
  • Glass Modeling Optic Lens MP (Aspherical)
  • Actual Paid-in Capital NT$475,000,000
  • DV 3X Zoom Lens MP
  • Established Glass Lens Molding Bussiness Unit

  • Plastic Lens MP
  • ERP System Installed
  • Internal Control System Established
  • Spherical Glass Lens and Coating Business MP
  • Projector Lens MP
  • 『ISO9001:2000』 Certification
  • Actual capital NT$300,000,000
  • Carlin acquires the Tanzi factory in Taichung
  • Colin is officially operational
  • Plastic Injection Molding MP (Mechanical Parts)
  • OEM products MP
•Calin Technology Co. Ltd. Established Actual Capital NT$66,390,000