Audit committee

The audit committee of the company is composed of all independent directors. The annual work focuses are as follows:

1. Audit business: review the annual internal audit work plan, obtain internal audit business reports every month, and communicate with the internal audit supervisor when necessary.

2. Review the financial report: review the quarterly financial report and annual financial report for 2022, and submit it to the board of directors for approval after discussion and approval by the audit committee.

3. Assess the effectiveness of the internal control system:
 The audit committee evaluates the effectiveness of the policies and procedures of the company's internal control system (including control measures such as procurement, sales, finance, production, and compliance with laws and regulations), and supervises the operation of the company's internal auditing units and departments and reviews internal control self-assessment result). The Audit Committee believes that the company's internal control system is effective.

4. Revise the internal control system: Review and revise the "Management Measures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets" and "Management Measures for Preventing Insider Trading" according to laws and regulations or operating conditions.

The Audit Committee is held at least once per quarter. Please refer to the Company's annual report for the meeting of the Committee.

Audit Committee Members

Name Job Title
Hsu,Chun-Ming Convenor and Chairman of Audit Committee
Hsieh,Teng-Lung Audit Committee Member
Wei,Kuan-Liang Audit Committee Member