Basic Information(Calin 4976)
Company Name Calin Technology Co., Ltd.
Market Listed Company
Industry Optoelectronic
Symbol Calin
Code 4976
Date of Listing 2012/11/20
Place of Incorporation of Foreign Companies -
Chairman Liu, Chia-Pin
General Manager
Hsieh, He-Nien
Spokesman Ke Hui Jen
Title of Spokesman Assistant Vice President
Investor Relations Contact Person Ke Hui Jen
Title of IR Contact Person Assistant Vice President
Telephone of IR Contact Person (886-4)25353658
Email Address of IR Contact Person [email protected]
Fiscal Year_end DEC 31
Accounting Firm Crowe (TW) CPAs
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)1 Shao, Chao Pin
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)2 Huang, Chien Chen
Address 24, Chien Kuo Rd., Tan Tzu Dist
  Taichung County 42760, Taiwan, R.O.C
Telephone (886-4)25353658
Fax (886-4)25352916
Email Address [email protected]
Web Address