CALIN Technology adheres to the six principles by "satisfying customers", "creating benefits", "caring for employees", "sustainable operation", "using technology" and "benefiting human beings", not only to ensure the interests of investors, but also establish a variety of communication channels with all the company's Stakeholders, introduce major issues concerned by stakeholders into company’s development plan, and formulate them as important reference indicators for the company's development.

  1. Suppliers Services
  2. CALIN comprehensively manage raw materials, equipment, project inquiry, price comparison and procurement policy implementation, and dedicate continuously improvement of supply chain management.
  3. Optimize operating cost and performance and other strategies to enhance our core competitiveness.
  4. CALIN has formulated the "Guidance of Supplier Management ". In the evaluation form, we regularly evaluates and checks whether there are projects that affect the environment and society (including green policy implementation, complete compliance with local regulations, passing any quality system, etc.). The "HSF Control List" is established by our quality assurance unit to ensure whether the suppliers comply with HSF requirements.
  5. For the purpose of suppliers complying with the ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System(QMS), CALIN formulates the supplier's QMS to provide management plans, and the supplier must meet ISO 9001:2008 requirements as the primary condition.
  6. CALIN’s procurement unit formulates the "Supplier Annual Improvement Plan" for important suppliers, and we monitor, evaluate and follow up, record nonconformities and propose improvement countermeasures.
  7. Every year, we regularly announce and audit the environmental protection and occupational health and safety compliance that suppliers should abide by, and regularly ask suppliers to complete the "Environmental Safety and Health Management Communication Form" to ensure our suppliers are complied with environmental protection and occupational safety and health. Instead of just only when entering the factory (visitor/maintenance/construction), we also require suppliers to follow government regulations at all times. The content includes: quality, lead time, environment protection and industrial safety audit, etc. This form is also one of the company's criteria for selecting excellent suppliers.
  8. Response method: our contact window provides two-way communication.
  9. Contact Window: Mr. Lai   Email: [email protected]
  10. CALIN Hazardous Substances Information: IC-AM-16 Form 001- Environmental Substance Control List and Customer Requirements List. (Download1Download2)

  1. Customer Services
  2. Product sales for international business, research and plan for international marketing strategies and product pricing, coordination of delivery and payment collection.
  3. Develop international business, assist to analysis customers’ problems and provide solutions.
  4. Response method: Customer satisfaction survey.
  5. Contact Window: Ms. Yeh   Email: [email protected]

  1. Employee Relations
  2. Comprehensively managing and planning employee catering, clothing, housing and transportation demands. In order to understand employees' problems and needs, and establish a good working environment.
  3. Response method: labor-management meeting and employee suggestion box.
  4. Contact Window: Mr. Huang   Email: [email protected]

  1. Investor Relations
  2. Shareholders and shareholders' meeting affairs, directors and board affairs, investor relations affairs, government regulation compliance and other related matters.
  3. Response method: Investor conference and investor relation emails.
  4. Contact Window: Ms. Chang   Email: [email protected]