Mold development design and production

1. Processing equipment with the best precision and stability in the industry.

2. Equipped with small and high-precision 3-D measurement equipment.

3. Equipped with high-precision on-board measuring instrument with an inner and outer diameter of 0.3 um accuracy.

4. Possess nano-level turning and grinding equipment and technology.

5. Partner with many external tooling base and part suppliers with long-term excellent cooperation.

6. Ability to design slide tube.

7. Moldex mold flow analysis software.

8. Apply the precise design software UG (Unigraphics NX) for tooling design.

9. Integrate tooling design with the machining program (UG Cam) to gain better machining accuracy.

Machine Machining Accuracy Machining
CNC Milling machine 0.0030 External dimensions milling
CNC Milling machine 0.0010 External dimensions milling
Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM) 0.0040 Larger size metal discharges
Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM) 0.0020 Smaller, high-precision metal discharge
Ultra-precision processing machine 0.0001 Tungsten steel mold core aspheric surface processing
Ultra-precision machining and grinding
Ultra-precision processing machine 0.0001 Nickel layer mold core aspheric surface processing
Ultra-precision machine turning
JG Grinder 0.0020 Template drilling and shape grinding
Internal and cylindrical grinder 0.0010 Inner and outer circle, and special-shape grinding
NC surface grinder 0.0020 Flatness, parallelism and surface grinding
Product Specifications